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What is the purpose of coated insulation cups

The insulation cup coating is mostly a thin silver layer formed by aluminum plating inside the interlayer, with the aim of generating a silver mirror reaction to reduce radiation heat dissipation. If a little is lost, it will not have any impact. However, if a lot is lost, it is recommended to replace it. If the insulation layer coating falls off, the insulation cup no longer has insulation effect.

What is the function of the paint on the outer layer of the insulation cup

Insulating cups are a common type in daily life, and the coating inside mainly serves as insulation. Generally, the coating does not appear, and if the coating falls off, it is non-toxic. Don't worry too much, please take a look at the provided introduction for details!

Do I need urgent medical attention if I accidentally ingest the paint on a water cup?

The existing spray painting processes for water cups in the market are divided into external spray and internal spray. External spray refers to the spraying of the outside of the pointer water cup, while internal spray refers to the spraying of the pointer on the inside of the water cup. Usually, the manufacturer defaults to not spraying paint onto the mouth of the water cup as much as possible. On the one hand, it avoids direct contact between the paint and the mouth, and on the other hand,


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