Which process is more wear-resistant and durable compared to the spray coating process for insulation cups?


At present, the surface spraying processes for insulation cups sold in the market are generally as follows: spray painting (bright paint, matte paint), and there are various types of paints: pearlescent paint, rubber paint, ceramic paint, etc. Most factories use environmentally friendly water-based paint. Spray molding/powder spraying (glossy powder, semi matte powder, matte powder), powder also includes ordinary powder, water resistant boiled powder, fine powder, medium coarse powder, coarse powder, etc. The PVD process, also known as vacuum plating, is commonly used if friends are not familiar with the effects of the PVD process and see high surface brightness achieving a mirror effect and some may have a gradient rainbow effect. The above three processes are the most common in the market, while other processes such as printing, polishing, spray painting, powder spraying, and PVD are compared. Due to the production method, the surface coating of the PVD process is thin but slightly hard. After high-temperature baking, the wear resistance exceeds that of the spray painting process, but the impact resistance is poor. During use, the coating may fall off due to external force impact, and in severe cases, large areas may fall off.
Different coatings are used in the spray painting process, resulting in different effects. Ordinary coatings have average wear and impact resistance, while rubber coatings have better performance. Ceramic coatings have excellent wear and impact resistance due to the generally high baking temperature and good coating hardness. However, due to the cost and processing difficulty of ceramic coating materials, there are still a few insulation cups that use ceramic coating in the market.
Spray molding, also known as powder spraying process, has high requirements for baking temperature and time. At the same time, due to the electrostatic adsorption process used in the powder spraying process, the coating has strong adsorption force. In addition, the material itself has high hardness, so the surface of the insulation cup will be more wear-resistant and impact-resistant after using the spray molding process. Among the three processes of spray painting, PVD, and powder spraying, the powder spraying process has the best wear-resistant, durable, and impact-resistant coating on the surface.

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