Do I need urgent medical attention if I accidentally ingest the paint on a water cup?


The existing spray painting processes for water cups in the market are divided into external spray and internal spray. External spray refers to the spraying of the outside of the pointer water cup, while internal spray refers to the spraying of the pointer on the inside of the water cup. Usually, the manufacturer defaults to not spraying paint onto the mouth of the water cup as much as possible. On the one hand, it avoids direct contact between the paint and the mouth, and on the other hand, it also reduces the possibility of people eating it accidentally due to paint peeling. Due to the fact that most water cup factories do not have spraying equipment, water cup spraying needs to be outsourced to the spraying factory for production and processing. Therefore, in cases where the coating properties cannot be fully understood, this method will be chosen. National authoritative institutions detect various problems every year regarding the coating applied to the outer surface of water cups, among which non food grade and heavy metal exceeding standards are the two most typical problems.
Of course, there are also many water cups that have been sprayed with paint due to their design and structural requirements. Before using this type of cup, you can conduct a small test. # Life experience tips # Use acidic substances such as white vinegar to take some and gently wipe the sprayed cup mouth more than ten times with a cotton swab. If color loss occurs, it is recommended that you do not use it. If it is water-based food grade paint due to material and baking requirements, The degree of hardening itself is very high, and it will not fade due to wiping.

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