Main characteristics of insulation coatings


1. Has excellent weather resistance. Low thermal conductivity, stable thermal insulation, high softening coefficient, freeze-thaw resistance and aging resistance. The conductivity resistance value of the first generation high-temperature resistant insulation coating is 0.03W/m.K, using a specially designed high-temperature solution. The temperature resistance can reach 1800 ℃, and the insulation and insulation suppression efficiency can reach about 90%. Based on the original performance of the first generation coating, this technological innovation mainly involves three aspects: 1. adding natural active high-temperature resistant materials to ceramic bead ceramic materials, This material can continuously release ions with the same charge; 2. The ceramic bead wall is no longer a solid, but a certain amount of hollow body, that is, there is a certain static air layer inside the ceramic wall; 3. The thickness of ceramic bead walls is more uniform; Through the above technological research and development innovation, ZS high-temperature resistant insulation and insulation coating is no longer a simple static air or vacuum between the micro beads in the high-temperature resistant insulation and insulation coating, but a large number of ions with the same charge exist in the static air or vacuum. The electromagnetic waves emitted by ions with the same charge can effectively shield the electromagnetic waves of heat energy, and more limited prevent the conduction of heat energy, Completely eliminating the self conductive layer, the hollow layer on the ceramic bead wall and the uniform thickness of the bead wall can effectively reduce the thermal conductivity resistance value of the coating, and the compressive strength and expansion coefficient are more uniform and consistent. The second generation of high-temperature insulation and insulation effect is increased by more than 10% on the basis of the first generation of insulation and insulation.
2. Adopting soft and crack resistant technology. The change index of elastic modulus of each layer of material shall match and gradually change layer by layer, which allows the combination of deformation and limited deformation, and can disperse and dissipate the deformation stress at any time. The adaptability of grassroots deformation is strong, effectively preventing the occurrence of wall cracks.
3. The system has no cavities and strong resistance to negative wind pressure, suitable for multi-layer and high-rise buildings.
4. Good breathability, strong respiratory function, excellent waterproof function, and ability to remove moisture from the insulation layer.
5. The fire resistance rating is B1.
6. The construction is convenient, and the use of pre mixed dry mixing and lightweight aggregate packaging technology can avoid the problem of inaccurate weighing on the construction site. Able to carry out multi point and multi-level construction at a fast speed.
7. Strong ability to correct deviations. It has good adaptability to the construction of structures with low flatness and can effectively implement decoration correction for local deviations.
8. The comprehensive cost is relatively low.

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