What is the process flow of metal spraying?


Surface treatment construction 1. Surface cleaning: Use a wet towel to clean the dirt on the surface of the spraying area, and then use a degreasing agent in conjunction with a wiping cloth to remove oil stains. Note: Dust mask must be worn all the time during the whole surface treatment construction process. 2. Evaluate the damaged area: use waste P180 # dry abrasive paper to mark the damaged part while evaluating. 3. Polishing old paint: Use a palm type dry grinder with an eccentricity of 6mm and P80 # dry sanding paper to polish the old paint to bare metal and plastic parts to bare plastic. Large areas or thick gray bottoms must first be removed with a star shaped eccentric handle type dry grinder combined with P80 # dry sanding paper to remove the old paint film. Attention: Before polishing, adjacent parts, bright strips, tail lights, etc. must be properly protected. 4. Polishing the feather edges: Use a palm type dry grinder in conjunction with P120 # dry sanding paper to polish the feather edges. 5. Cleaning and degreasing: After using an air gun and a towel to clean and remove dust from the polishing area, use a wiping cloth and degreasing agent to clean the entire construction area. 6. Apply anti rust primer: Apply/spray a layer of anti rust primer on bare metal areas, and apply/spray a layer of plastic primer on bare plastic areas. 7. Scraping atomic ash: Use a gray knife to scrape three layers of atomic ash onto the damaged area.

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