What are the methods for spraying stainless steel paint


1. Mechanical method
This is a reprocessing program. Processing is carried out on the surface of stainless steel, followed by mechanical processing such as turning, shot peening, grinding, polishing, polishing, and brushing to form different surface treatments.
2. Embossing method
This method has an artistic effect. The embossing method can make stainless steel look more beautiful. It uses surface processing such as embossing, mesh, and ripples with concave and convex geometric patterns rolled by engraved rollers (usually with a depth of 0.03mm for single sided embossing and 0.2mm for double sided embossing). In addition to artistic effects, it also has anti slip, wear-resistant, and collision resistant effects.
3. Chemical and electrochemical methods
This method is relatively complex, but the effect is long-lasting. Chemical method has a good effect on stainless steel painting, which can be used for surface processing such as etching, coloring, Electropolishing, etc. Etching is the use of screen printing technology to mask areas that do not require etching and corrode various pattern patterns. When coloring stainless steel, it is immersed in a hot chromic acid or sulfuric acid solution and then subjected to cathodic hardening treatment in another acid solution. The fund reacts with hot acid to form a basically colorless transparent film, but it displays color under the interference of light. Electropolishing is to remove very thin surface to make the surface shiny. Electrolysis cannot remove surface defects, such as scratches, burrs, oxidation color, etc. The original defects on the surface will become more obvious after electrolysis. The quality of the surface before Electropolishing plays a decisive role in the polishing effect.
4. Painting method
This is the easiest method. The processing methods for stainless steel surface coatings include coating followed by re processing (pre coating method), which is mainly used for roof building materials, and processing followed by re coating (post coating method), which is mainly used for building exterior building materials.

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