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Company Culture

Company Culture

One. Integrity
1. Say what we think, do what we say-open and direct communication;
2. Respect others, just like we want to be respected by others;
3. Have the courage to admit your mistakes-don't blame others;
4. When doing everything, strive to set an example.
two. customer service
1. Understand the needs of customers and meet their needs;
2. Realize the increase of customer value;
3. Quickly solve customer's problems;
4. Good at analyzing problems and taking actions from the perspective of customers.
three. Pursuit of excellence
1. Familiar with all the business and how to use the expertise to increase the value of the system;
2. Strive to improve product quality, reduce product costs, and provide high-quality products and services;
3. Adopt a reasonable system, urge the production of results and evaluate the results fairly.
four. Innovation
1. Reflect your thoughts;
2. Challenge new thinking and new ways;
3. Use existing industrial technology to explore creative ideas and bring benefits to Tiancheng and customers.

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